Cheap Trick

by Geronimo!

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released May 13, 2014

Engineered and Mixed by Daniel Good at Chrome Attic
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering
Interlude at end of "Aging Sound" features "I Am a Real Machine" by A Severe Joy

Released by Exploding in Sound Records

Album art by Samuel Lucas Gove,

Kelly Johnson - Guitar and vocals
Matt Schwerin - Drums
Ben Grigg - Bassiness, synth, backup yelps


all rights reserved


Track Name: Electronic Parrot
I am an electronic parrot
Squawking at the world wide sky
Feeding on the conduit
Of the group mind
Scrolling through an endless screen
Of ones and zeroes
Disguised as stories

It's all hard to imagine
So I don't

I am an electronic parrot
Squawking at the world wide sky
Through a wired trachea
An electrified cage
Repeating the abyss
And sharing the void

Now is the time
Time is running out
Track Name: 1000 Realities
I don't wanna sing any songs
About getting older
The future's written in all caps
And I'm just a palm tree swaying
Swaying in a hurricane
Life is a stifling storm
And I stay static in this pouring rain
And I'm just a palm tree swaying
Swaying in a hurricane
Just waiting for the eye
Time flies all the time
But this time it flew by fast as hell
And I'm just a palm tree swaying
Swaying in a hurricane
Color me high in a long standing tradition
Of remember whens and maybe coulda beens
I'm just a palm tree swaying
Swaying in a hurricane
Waiting for the eye

What if the present never happens?
And time collapses on me?
I'm just laying down
Not really dead
But the vultures fly over head

And it's hard to see the future
With all this shit in my eye
Track Name: Aging Sound
Hello Dr. so and so
I guess it's been a long time
Since I thought about this body
That I drag around every day
So will I get what I deserve?
Or will I get what I am after?
After all is said and done
After I get my just desserts
I liked yesterday
But yesterday is already gone

It's the aging sound
And the loneliness feels comfortable

I tried on the devil's raincoat
Fits real good in the waist
But I'll still take a raincheck
On a summer's day
So will I get what I deserve?
Or will I get what I am after?
Rock is a young man's game
And an old man's curse

It's the aging sound
And the loneliness feels comfortable

It seems pretty hard to explain
You'll never be younger than you are right now
And that's gonna change
Track Name: Bungled and Botched
Down here
On these city streets
I drink a couple of beers
Stay away from the crowds
Walk home and I go to sleep
Cuz it won't be long
Until I can feel the heat
I watch the bungled and the botched
Climb up the ladder
To the top
While an invisible hand
Pushes you along
And I walk on a wire
Of self desire and a fate
That's dead and gone

But I feel the ocean
I feel it right inside of my hand
But I can't see the fire
See it right down beside me

Moving to
The dead museums
That surround this town
You're only young in the city
For a couple of years
'Til you eat the shit they're feeding
And you drag this body
Up and down the stairs
And through the stares
Into a meaningless sky
To a postcard skyline

I feel the ocean
I feel it right down inside of my hand
But I can't see the fire
See it right down beside me

But I'm trying to relax on my porch
In this city
I'm trying to relax
Track Name: 60 Ways to Tie a Tie
Come take me over
I'm in a state of unrest
Can't you see I'm ripe unclean
I need some quick relief
In the middle of a black hole city
I learned 60 ways to tie a tie
1000 more to live a lie
To get one hoof in the door
Dropped into the lion's cage
With a broken nose and leg
Covered in gentlemen's blood
You're at the top of the bottom of the barrel
Now you're just a dog
Eating your own shit
With the marshmallow boys
And their tattoo trust fund
And california plates

We should take some time
And talk it over
Take some time to talk it through
Cuz I know what you're thinking

I'm in a state of unrest
Sometimes life takes too long

Whatever happened to you?
Track Name: Future Home
Oh future home
A nice place to grow old
Everybody wants their own
Piece of the pie
And I'll get mine
Track Name: Mr. President
Gonna all be mine
Gonna eat the mountains
Gonna swallow trees
I am a death machine
Gonna shake the hands of many teens
Keep my conscience clean
Sit back relax while I follow through
It'll give me somethin to do
Watch me as I shake the many hands

That's Mr. President to you
Track Name: Magic Waters
I lost my keys
And I don't know where they are
I got another set
But I lent them to a friend
I don't remember who the friend was
I'm gonna be so much later now
Later than I already was before

Magic Waters
Track Name: Spitting in the Ocean
Here comes the future
And it's carrying something in its arms
Could be a lucky break
But it's hard to make it out from this distance
He enjoys the clock
He enjoys the comforts
Most have been deprived
There's a path to find
There's a path of least resistance

And you cut me right down
Right down to size
I didn't even ask you to cut me at all

There's 24 hours in a day that I miss you
It's like spitting in the ocean
Or a blind man's grave

I'm glad you're gone
Track Name: Euphoria
What kind of heaven
Have I stumbled into?
Can I stay here for a while?
Can you stay here too?

It's in my past
It's in my brain if I'm honest
There is no message
Or messenger comin' home
And your guesses fill the air
'Til your last moment
Or until your mouth fills up with dirt
Make no mistake
We change
We change
We change
And then we die

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