Fuzzy Dreams

by Geronimo!

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Hayden Karnitz
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Hayden Karnitz just wanted to say how much i love fill me up ($2, whatever)
didn't really say much. probably should not make such rash decisions in the future like they did when they offered me a chance to go on tour with them Favorite track: Fill Me Up.
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ohleollei These guys are just too good. Every track is better than the last....!!!!!!! Favorite track: Battery Acid Moustache.
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Our debut LP. Recorded in an empty house in Rockford, IL. Engineered and mixed by Josh Miller of CircleGetSquare. Mastered by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering.


released April 30, 2010


all rights reserved


Track Name: Thunderbattles
One of these days the push will come to shove
The hand of God will crush you from above
But I pushed that hand away and the company grip
Let the needle slide and the record skip
Cuz I'm in control

How does it feel now?
To be in control

Tear the beast away from the inside
Before he tries to take another bite
Sitting amongst the dead you'll share the bug
You'll pass the future by in a whiskey jar
Cuz you're in control

How does it feel now?
To be in control

Cold times grow colder
They settle down and they settle in

All these days
Grab a hold and pull them to a stop
Track Name: Design Yourself A Heart
All young minds
They never hope to be the next in line
For anything
Hearts can't wait
Your young mind
Is getting older and you feel the time
The time that's crushing you
To think, to feel, to breathe
Like you're never gonna die

Design yourself a heart
You never could

A silent pose
A quiet face, a dagger stare
Enough to bring me down
Cuz you're so cold
You make me wanna say
Something bold
To take you breath away
Bastards of fashion
Self-righteous poets never could

Design yourself a heart
You never could
Track Name: Fill Me Up
I can't find
Fault with anything
My girl's never wrong
When she makes a joke
I'm never laughing
But I think I should
Cuz she's just too good

I mean my body shakes
When I'm around her
I feel my cold dead brain
And ice inside my veins

Come fill me up
With a big desire
A big kinda feeling
Come fill me up
With a big design
In my head

I can move my arms
To crush through the ceiling
My weight is leaving me
As I leave you behind
The ground kissing my feet
You look so small below
Now I find I can't get down
Floating through the crowd

Push my body high
High above the crowd
Track Name: Battery Acid Moustache
A cool breeze rolls into town
And the girl is gone

She's onstage like a golden dancer
Flips the world and turns it on
Cold hands like the woman's dying
Cuts right through to the next in line

And I'm dying
To get in
My baby's got a fever
And it turns me

The clock could strike anywhere
But will I follow?
If life hands a bitter pill
Will I swallow?
Track Name: Approaching The Skyline
Approaching the skyline
Track Name: Table Legs
I've got arms
These arms are so tired
I can't feel my way to the fire
Or reach for the girl
So light and so free
She disappeared
Her heart out of reach
And my nights
Are as long as my days
With something to feel
But nothing to say
Have my sins
Made me impossible to love?
Impossible to find any help from above?

Let me go
I'll take my path straight down below
Just let me go

Now I'm building my house to the sky
Pushed out my lungs
Bleed my head dry
Our plans are torn down
We build them back up
Build them back up
But it's never enough
Now I want to die
But only to see
What happens to me
Have my sins made me impossible to love?
Impossible to find any help from above?

Let me go
I'll take my path straight down below
Got a feeling my heart's gone cold
Let me go

I put you in my dreams
Where you don't belong
Track Name: Judgment Day
Judgment day
And the fiery lakes
Are miles away
With you right by my side
A perfect little sin
The future's catching up
But I feel fine
Because time moves slow when
You are on my mind

The darkest days
They light my way
Through bloodshot eyes
I walk with you tonight
A distraction in my mind
We'll wiggle past
The closing gates above
But please don't tell me
All we need is love
When all I'm waiting for now
Is your love

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